3 Signs Your Gutters Need Repair or Replacement

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When it comes to gutters around your home, you probably don’t notice them much from day to day, but if they start to fall into disrepair or become damaged, they can quickly cause a host of problems. Bellevue homeowners should be especially attuned to the health of their gutters, since the Seattle area ranks in the top 10 for most rainy days each year (with an average of about 150). Here are three signs you can look for that might indicate it’s time for gutter repair in Bellevue.

1: There’s No Water Coming Down

The gutters on your home are designed to protect your Bellevue roofing, but if they are clogged with debris and other things the water might not be able to make its way through to the downspouts and out into the yard. Next time it rains, check the downspouts to see if there is water flowing through. If you see just a trickle, or no water at all, now is the time to call a gutter or roof repair company in Bellevue to help.

2: The Gutters Are Separated from the House

In order for your gutters to help channel water from your roofing in Bellevue, they need to be properly fastened to your home. If you notice any areas where the gutter has started to warp or bend, or a place where it is sagging because it has become detached you should contact a gutter repair contractor to help you repair the problem areas.

3: Gutters Show Signs of Rust

Gutters are constructed of metal, so over time even the best ones will often start to show some of the signs of age. One of the most common signs is rusting, which will eventually cause the gutters to develop holes or other problems. Once this happens you will start to see some of the potential damage caused by water flowing off the roof that is not properly channeled away from the home, such as flooding in your basement, damage or cracks to the foundation where water is pooling, damaged landscaping, or slippery walkways.

If you have gutters that could use a little bit of work, call gutter repair experts in Bellevue to help.

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