3 Ways Quality Gutters Can Save Your Roof

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The gutters around your home have a thankless job—they do so much to protect your roof, but most homeowners don’t ever even notice they are there. Actually, since they are designed to be unobtrusive that is probably a good thing, but making sure you have high quality gutters in good repair can have a significant positive impact on your Redmond roofing. Make sure that your gutters are clean and always repaired so they are ready to remove water from the roof and keep things clean and tidy up there.

Protecting Your Shingles

The most important role of gutters is to protect your roofing shingles. When gutters are unable to properly gather and channel the water off your Redmond roofing, that water could sit on the roof shingles, which over time will often lead to roof leaks and shingle damage. That’s why it’s so important that you keep your gutters clean and clear of debris at all times, since debris could cause gutters to overflow and standing water to damage the edges of the roof.

Preventing Ice Dams

When the weather gets colder, ice and freezing rain falling on the roof could lead to problems for your asphalt shingles in the form of ice dams. These dams form when the warm air from inside your home heats up the top of your roof in Redmond, then the water flows to the outer edges of the roof where it freezes and remains on the shingles for long periods of time. Like standing water, these ice dams can cause shingle damage and leaks. Having gutters that are prepared to channel that water away from the house can reduce the risks of ice dams.

Prevent Water Streaks & Landscape Damage

Another way gutters protect your home—although not necessarily your roof—is by preventing water from dripping down the edges of the house, pooling near the foundation, or flooding your landscaping around the edge of the house. It might not be saving your roof, but it is certainly saving you from damaged flowerbeds and gardens, and unsightly stains and water streaks on the sides of your home.

If your gutters are not doing the job protecting your roof and home, call Redmond roofing contractors to come inspect and repair, or install new gutters today.

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