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You Can Count on Quality When You Hire an Everett or Shoreline Roofer From Pacific Pride Roofing, Inc.

Here at Pacific Pride Roofing, Inc., we believe that true quality starts with exceptional service, is complemented by superior materials and becomes complete when combined with the expert workmanship of a talented Everett or Shoreline roofer. This is what we offer when we pledge to give you quality. We never cut corners or hide anything from you.

Exceptional Service

Whether we are doing a simple roof repair in Shoreline or Everett, or performing a major installation, we stand apart from others because we use the same upfront, honest approach with every customer. We provide all available information about the job before we get started and we guarantee our work. Once the roofing is complete, we clean up after ourselves.

Superior Materials

When you hire us, you get value from well-known, trusted products. We use materials that we know to be good and that have been successfully tested for the local weather conditions. You can trust our roofs to last. Some of the material manufacturers we use are:

  • Owens-Corning – This local manufacturer produces unique shingles that are enhanced to perform well in our tough environment.
  • Verscio – This is one of the largest flat or low sloping manufacturers for roofing materials in the nation.
  • Weatherbond Flat Roof – As a related company to Verscio, this manufacturer delivers just as good of products.
  • Nu-Ray Metal – This company uses a unique system for Teflon coating.
Expert Workmanship

We hire only skilled and professional roofers, and then we require them to undergo daily training when they join our team. All of our employees pass drug and alcohol tests, and we treat them with the dignity and respect that they earn. Our dedication to our employees helps us provide better quality for you. We cultivate a team spirit with people who care just as much about the job as we do, ensuring that your project goes smoothly and flawlessly.