Common Commercial Roofing Repairs

At Pacific Pride Roofing our technicians are adept at leak investigation. We can pinpoint the specific exposure in your roofing system and provide the best repair in order to maintain your warranty. We will work with you to repair the roof in a timely manner with limited interruption to your business.

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Punctures and holes in the roof membrane arise when there is debris on the roof and when HVAC contractors install equipment. These types of perforations can be repaired with new membranes. We use heat welding or bonding adhesive to make the repair.

Open Seams

Open seams appear when the roofing system ages or when there’s a poor installation in the first place. These types of repairs can be fixed by heat welding or fully adhering the membrane to patch the open seams.

Ponding Water

Ponding water on roofing systems occur when there is inadequate roof drainage and when a roof drain is clogged. In many cases, simply unclogging the drain and removing excess debris is all that is needed. In some cases, ponding water may have caused damage and further repairs may be necessary.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains, downspouts, and gutters result from excess debris on the roof causing the system to back up. Our technicians will remove the debris and assure your drainage system is working properly and is up to standard.

Bridging Walls

Bridging walls are one of the first signs of an aging roof. We also see bridging walls when the installation wasn’t done correctly in the first place. These types of defects can be repaired by cutting the base of the bridging wall allowing the membrane to relax. We then install new reinforced perimeter strips.

Fastener Backout

Fastener backouts occur when water seeps into the roof membrane. The water increases the rate at which the roof expands and contracts causing the fasteners to be pushed out. To fix this problem, the fasteners need to be removed. We then check for water damage to the insulation and membrane. Finally, we install new insulation and/or membrane where needed and then replace the fasteners.

Declining Caulk

Declining caulk tends to occur when a roofing systems begins to age. This is a very common repair on flat commercial roofs. The deteriorated caulk is cut out and new sealant is installed. This can and should be done without compromising the roof membrane.


Blisters are defects in a commercial roof system caused by air pockets in the membrane. This can be the result of improper installation among other things. We must cut the blistered membrane to relieve the tension first. Then, we can add a modified cap sheet to the area and secure it by torch down.