Roof Financing

Leaky roof? Does the exterior of your home need a bit of a facelift? A quality roof can mean all the difference in protecting your home from the outdoors, while also giving it a clean appearance from the street. However, the costs to replace a roof can become quite expensive, especially when using high quality roofing materials like metal, clay tiles, or slate. For homeowners looking for a quick and easy solution, roofing loans can typically be the best way to finance a new roof. These loans can also be used for roofing repairs which although are typically much smaller in scale, may still merit financing for either necessity or preference. Because the roofing loan options on FinanceMyProject are unsecured, they can also be used for related expenses like gutters and downspouts replacement while the contractor is at your home.

  • ZERO money down
  • ZERO % with good credit
  • 60 second loan application
  • Loans up to $50k
  • No Equity Required
  • Get Pre-Approved in seconds
  • No Prepayment penalties