Torchdown roofing, a common application for flat roofs, is made with sheets of modified bitumen (asphalt with additives). When installed properly, this type of roof application can be an effective way of waterproofing your flat roof. Trust me when I say, we have installed a lot of torchdown roofs back in the day.

But why bother with this old outdated method of roofing? Especially since the way they are applied is extremely dangerous. Sheets of bitumen are rolled out onto a roof and a hand-held propane torch is used to heat the material for adhesion. Not only is this a fire hazard, but it is also very difficult for contractors to get insured. If you decide you must install with torchdown, please make sure you ask to see in writing the insurance coverage.

The future of waterproofing flat roofs should really be left to single ply membranes. Technological advances in manufacturing and installation equipment have made the price of single ply roofing much more affordable. And its track record spans decades. You will see millions of squares installed on most buildings including shopping centers, industrial buildings, warehouses, and more. What’s more, single ply is easy to weld and allows for beautiful seems and detailing. In addition, it’s highly reflective and can even help reduce air conditioning costs.

At Pacific Pride Roofing, we have been installing single ply roofing for over a decade with almost zero challenges. Here’s a list of why we prefer single ply roofing to torchdown.

Single Ply vs Torchdown – What you need to know.

Single Ply


4- 6- 10- foot rolls require fewer seams 3-foot rolls equals many seems
No torch required to install – seams are heat welded instead – No fire risks Open-flame torch necessary for install and welding seams – Very dangerous
Easy to insure Very difficult to insure
Membranes are repairable with warranty intact Repairs will affect warranty
Not affected by ultraviolet rays Susceptible to ultraviolet rays which will cause roof failure
Membrane not affected by leaching oils due to rain and snow The petroleum-based roof systems slowly bleed out which causes them to crack
Clean looking roofing system Torchdown/hot tar is not attractive


At Pacific Pride Roofing, we use Versico Roofing Systems for all of our flat roofs. We believe they have the best product on the market. For more information about Versico Roofing Systems visit

Check Out Versico Roofing Systems Video

If you are looking for a flat roofing option for your home or business, give the team at Pacific Pride Roofing a call. We can help you determine the best solution for your situation. Our residential and commercial technicians are certified by the manufacturer and have been installing roofs for over 30 years. Contact us today!

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